Porcelain (also known as Lavender Millefleur) is a beautiful colour. Subtle shades of apricot, lavender and white all on one bird.


This is a fairly new colour and proving to be very popular. As soon as they hatch they are sold. I am bringing on a group of 8 hens for 2016 to keep up with demand.



This colour is the result of a chocolate mottled cockerel and a blue mottled hen. Very delicate coffee colouring with the added bonus of always being female. Only a few out of every hatch have turned out this colour and again a 2016 breeding group is being built to keep up with demand.



Everyones favourite. Beautiful blue grey feathering topped off by the stunning contrast of the red comb.

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I have the following colours in stock at the moment


Lavender, Porcelain, Millefleur, Buff, Black/Blue/Chocolate mottled, Gold Partridge, Salmon, Silver Wheaton, Black, Chocolate, and some random mixture colours.